February 2023 Minutes

Old Leake Parish Council

Old Leake Parish Council Meeting
8 February 2023 

Public Forum 

No members of the public were present.

In attendance

Chairman Councillor Frank Pickett, Julian Crouch, Brett Butler, Tom Ashton & Nigel McCulloch.

Also in attendance:

Parish Clerk Joann Greer 

1/2/23 Opening comments from the Chairman

The Chair, Councillor Pickett welcomed everybody to the meeting.

2/2/23 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Apologies had been received and accepted from Councillor Guy Bull and Community Representative Walter Seakamp.

3/2/23 Declarations of interest in accordance with 2011 Localism Act 

No declarations were made.

4/2/23 To note reports from representatives of outside bodies

No reports were provided at the meeting.

5/2/23 To note CCTV updates & image requests 

No images were requested.

6/2/23 To receive a report from the Recreational Area Working Group, resolve actions and expenditure for issues raised in the reports: 

a.   Washdyke. The Clerk is to get an updated quote for car park , Councillor Crouch is to get prices for a gate across the entrance and Councillor Pickett is to get an alternative kerbing quote as the car park area is becoming completely unusable. 

b.   Furlongs. Ground repairs are required at the football pitch which the football club have arranged and will pay for. It was requested that the parish council provide the grass seed. It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolve to pay for the grass seed. 

c.   Enos Wood. Remedial tree work is to be carried out by Terra Firma. Councillor Crouch is liaising with the contractor and the neighbour to the woods.
7/2/23 Draft notes of the meeting held on 14 December resolution to adopt 

Two slight amendments were necessary after reviewing the draft document. It was then proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to accept the notes as the minutes.

8/2/23 Resolution to approve payment of accounts as listed It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to approve the payments listed below.

Person / Company to be paid

Invoice No



Employee Cost

22/23 - 079

February salary, Nest pension, PAYE  NALC backpay


Clerks Expenses

22/23 - 080

February Travel/Giff Washdyke CCTV & ink/stationery/stamps invoices attached


K & P Services

22/23 - 081

Enos Wood & Washdyke Caretaker



Mr M A Johnson

22/23 - 082

February Village Litter Picker


ARK ICT Solutions Ltd

22/23 - 083

February Monthly Antivirus payment


BT Broadband Community Centre

22/23 - 084

February Monthly Broadband Payment


Terra Firma

22/23 - 085

Tree works November



22/23 - 086

Cable way/zip wire repairs


9/2/23 Highway Matters: 

a.   To receive a progress report from the highways and traffic policy group and  CHAPEL ROAD update The traffic policy is still being developed. The Clerk will liaise with the Highways officer regarding the issues at the corner on Chapel Road.

b.   Receive issues requiring maintenance / repair. It was reported along from Green Lane to the water tower there are 22 potholes. The Clerk will up date this information on fixmy street. 

c.   To receive an update from LCC Councillor Paul Skinner regarding Station Rd school children bus stop and speed signage. Councillor Skinner has stated Highways have given permission for a hard standing to be put in place at the cost of the parish council but must meet Highways standards. 

10/2/23 Planning Matters:  

a.   Planning Appeal Outcome against refusal of Change of use of garden for the keeping and breeding of dogs and erection of kennels (retrospective) at Panache, Station Road, Old Leake, Boston, PE22 9QQ. 

There is also an enforcement appeal, under Section 174 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, relevant to this site, under reference APP/Z2505/C/22/3296958, which is the lead case linked to the above. REFUSED

This information was noted.

b.   Application No: B/23/0010 Proposed extension to the side and rear elevation and erection of a porch to the principal elevation at The Farmhouse, Hurns End, Old Leake, Boston PE22 9JN

It was proposed, seconded, and resolved to support this applicatiuon.

c.   B/22/0435 Seven Acres, Skipmarsh Lane, Old Leake Boston, PE22 9LT

*Planning applications received after the distribution date of this agenda may be considered at this meeting*

11/2/23 To nominate attendees for the Outer Dowsing presentation on 24th February at the Community centre

Councillor Pickett has already received a personal invitation. The Clerk is to get the time of the event which is missing from the literature. Councillor Crouch stated he would like to attend.

12/2/23 To consider a request from Boston Borough Council to fund the “Bread and Butter Thing” room hire for 52 weeks at the community centre

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to fund the room hire for the 52 weeks of the project.

13/2/23 To consider re assigning some/part of the Community Development budget The Council will take a deeper look in May after the elections, however in the interim 

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to assign some of the budget to the room hire for the Bread-and-Butter Thing community event.  

14/2/23 To consider Sandygate footway lighting repair and resolve to repair or not

The Council requested the details of the cost of the repair be distributed to Councillors again for consideration at the March meeting.

15/2/23 To consider the footway lighting agreement with Boston Borough Council with options for a 1-year notice period to quit

Further information was requested before the Council could agree a way forward

16/2/23 To consider the BT Broadband at the community centre renewal

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to fund the broadband.

17/2/23 To note general correspondences not addressed on this agenda & respond if required

No correspondences were received.

18/2/23 To set the date and time of the next meeting 

The 8 March was set as the next meeting date.