February 2021 Minutes

Old Leake Parish Council Meeting

10th February 2021


In Attendance: via zoom

Councillor Frank Pickett, Councillor Guy Bull, Councillor Julian Crouch, Councillor Ian Money, Councillor Donna Amess, and Councillor Nigel McColloch were present.

Parish Clerk Joann Greer and The Community Development Worker Michelle Cound were also present.


Public Forum

No members of the public were present.


1/2/21 Opening comments from the Chairman

Councillor Picket welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2/2/21 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Apologies were noted and accepted from Councillor Baxter. Apologies from Councillor Ashton were not provided.


3/2/21 Declarations of interest in accordance with 2011 Localism Act

No declarations were made.


4/2/21 To note the report from the Police Liaison Officer

The following report was received from PCSO Rayment:

4 incidents of anti-social behaviour-Church Road, Old Main Road, Chapel Road and Sea Lane. Please note that two of the incidents relate to COVID19 regulations breaches.

1 incident of violence- Seadyke Road.

2 suspicious circumstances-Chapel Road and Mayflower Gardens.

2 road traffic collisions-Mere Drove and Church Road.

For your information the team are aware of recent vehicle nuisance issues caused by a group on mopeds. We are currently undertaking enquiries/enforcement in relation to this matter.


Councillor Amess offered to help check her CCTV footage for any relevant issues regarding the mopeds.


5/2/21 Update from Michelle Cound, Village Community Development Worker

Michelle informed the Council the grant application for £500 for the mini movers sessions was successful and will see the project through to the end of March.

Quiz night have been going well and Bells nurseries have offered equipment for the spring growing project. OLPC has been nominated as Co-op Community Champion and will receive a donation between £500 - £1000 which is earmarked for the Men Without A Shed start up. The Chairman, congratulated Michelle on her successful grant applications and development of the project as a whole.

Elderly people within the community have been more difficult to contact, however Michelle has provided details of the project to the medical centre.


6/2/21 To note reports from representatives of outside bodies

It has been very quiet due to lockdown. No reports were presented.


7/2/21 To note CCTV requests

There were no CCTV requests made.


8/2/21 To accept the playgrounds and Enos Wood monthly check sheets and action any repairs

No additional play equipment issues were raised, the left hand gate at Washdyke Lane requires another repair.


9/2/21 Draft notes of the meeting held on 9th December November 2020 resolution to adopt

The notes were proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to be accepted as the minutes. The paper copies of such notes would be signed by the Chairman once the Council can meet in person.


10/2/21 To consider a donation request from St Mary’s church

The request for a contribution towards the ground’s maintenance was considered. It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to donate £650.00.


11/2/21 Resolution to approve payment of accounts

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolve to approve the payments listed below


Person / Company to

be paid

Invoice No



Employee Cost

20/21 - 058

February Salary, Nest pension, HMRC


Michael Shaw

20/21 – 059

February payment


K & P Services

20/21 - 060

February payment


ARK ICT Solutions Ltd

20/21 - 061

Monthly Antivirus payment February


Michelle Cound

20/21 - 062

February Village Community Worker


St Mary’s Church

20/21 - 063



Coronavirus Support Group

20/21 - 064

Transfer Grants Awarded Balance


Lincolnshire County Council

20/21 - 065

30 mph speed signs x 6



12/2/21 Highway Matters: items requiring maintenance / repair

Councillors were not impressed with the general standard of repairs in the village. The Clerk is to report their comments to the Highways department.


13/2/21 Planning Matters: Applications: B/21/0005 single storey rear extension, East Park, The Gride.

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this planning application.



14/2/21 To confirm the next phase of the Washdyke Lane project and budget

Discussions with Western Power and local building contractors have been initiated. Once the specification of the housing is confirmed the detailed quotes will be made available for Council to award the work.

The next step will be the CCTV specification for the park and finally the laying of the car park matting once all the digging work is completed.

The left-hand gate is to be repaired in a more robust manner.


15/2/21 To note reports of litter on outlying roads in the village and resolve action

Councillor Money raised the issue of litter which has been thrown out of car windows along Hunstan Lane including 27 masks, hair nets and ear defenders plus large amounts of litter.  Councillor McCulloch stated he would bring this issue to staff at Cusina Sano. Similar issues were raised in the vicinity of the Fold Hill Foods establishment. Councillor Picket stated he would discus this with the management of Fold Hill Foods and also discuss the speeding cars reported coming from the area.


16/2/21 To consider the draft Environmental Policy and propose content

To complete the policy Councillors were requested to send their comments directly to Councillor Money, the lack of contributions towards the policy is slowing the process down.


17/2/21 To note the status of the BT broadband at the community centre

The broadband has been installed and the direct debit it to be set up.


18/2/21 To note the status of the Speed Watch replacement battery

The battery has arrived, removing the old battery from the casing is proving to be quite challenging. The Clerk will seek advice.


19/2/21 To consider applicants for the Parish Councillor vacancies and resolve to co-opt

No applications had been received in time for this meeting.


20/2/21 To note general correspondences & respond if required

No correspondences had been received


21/2/21 To acknowledge the zoom ID and dates for future Parish Council meetings.

The zoom ID would be the same for the meetings up until July 2021 and set for the second Wednesday in the month at 7.00pm.


The next Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for

Wednesday 10th March at 7.00 pm