February 2024 Minutes


Old Leake Parish Council Meeting

14 February 2024 

2 members of the public were present.

Councillors Chairman Frank Pickett, Guy Bull, and David Dickason. 

Also in attendance:

LCC Councillor Paul Skinner
BBC Councillors John Baxter and Calum Butler
Parish Clerk Joann Greer 

1/2/24 Opening Comments from the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and confirmed the meeting was quorate

2/2/24 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Apologies were noted and accepted from Councillors Julian Crouch, Tom Ashton, Sandra Pickett, Susan Nutman and Community Member Walter Seekamp.

Apologies were noted from Councillor Nigel McCulloch via email after the meeting

3/2/24 Declarations of interest in accordance with 2011 Localism Act

No declarations were made

4/2/24 To note reports from representatives of outside bodies 

Boston Borough Councillor updated the Councillors on dog fowling signs that had been put up in the village, designed by the children, flooding situation, fly tipping, some success with Fixmystreet reporting and attending pylons meetings

Lincolnshire County Councillor Paul Skinner updated the Councillors on the Fellands Gate development, storm meetings, LCC national apprenticeship week, and coroners offices will be merging in the county

5/2/24 To note CCTV updates & image requests 

No images were requested

6/2/24 To receive a report from the Recreational Area Working Group, resolve actions and expenditure for issues raised in the reports: 

Washdyke – Some form of surfacing is required at the entrance as it is so muddy with all the rain.
Furlon – no further issues
Enos Wood – no further works this month

7/2/24 Draft notes of the meeting held on 13 December 2023 resolution to adopt 

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to accept the notes as a true record of the meeting and accepted as the minutes
8/2/24 Financial Matters:

Resolution to approve payment of accounts as listed

a)   It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to approve the payments as listed

b)   To note the bank reconciliation

The bank reconciliation of £70697.14 was noted

9/2/24 Highway Matters: 

a)   Receive issues requiring maintenance / repair

Trees at the Broadgate development were reported to be blocking visibility at      junctions 

b)   Receive Reactive Speed data and consider action

Councillor McCulloch was unavailable to present the data

10/2/24 Planning Matters:  

a)   Application No:B/23/0169 erection of a community farm shop, Station House Hobhole Bank

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this application

b)   B/24/0052 Outline planning application for 4no dwellings at 33 Church Road 

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this application

c)   B/24/0036 Application under s73 to vary condition 2 (plan)of planning permission B/22/0192 land off Fellands Gate

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this application

d)   B/24/0040 Application under s73 to vary condition 9 (occupation) of planning permission B/22/0192 land off Fellands Gate

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this application

e)   B/24/0031 Single story side and rear extension and loft conversion at High Trees Sea Lane

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to support this application

11/2/24 To consider the situation regarding the upgrading of the village streetlighting, correspondences from Boston Borough Council, resolve action and expenditure

It was proposed, seconded, and unanimously resolved to fund the footway lighting upgrades from council reserves over a maximum of a 3-year period at a cost of £32,000 and not take up the loan offered by Boston Borough Council.

Accidental damage repairs would not be funded by OLPC.

A confirmation from Boston Borough Council is sought as to who will be responsible if anyone is injured due to accidental damage from falling lighting debris, as the lighting does not belong to OLPC and can therefore not insure it.

12/2/24 To receive a report from YMCA ZOOM meeting regarding the YOUNG PEOPLES PILOT PROGRAMME

The YMCA team are meeting at the schools and developing projects to be delivered  in March. They project is within the budget limit of £3000.
13/2/24 To note the update from LCC legal team regarding the abandoned MUGA status at Old Main Road options/information and resolve further action

The Clerk has received paperwork to complete for the asset transfer

14/2/24 To receive an update regarding the emergency plan within the village

Councillor David Dickason has completed the template. It has been approved and can be developed further once volunteers have been recruited.

15/2/24 To receive an update regarding the joint Old Leake and Wrangle Speed Watch campaign 

Councillor Dickason is leading the joint Speed Watch Team and anticipates it could be running by April/May pending volunteer recruitment and training.

16/2/24 To note general correspondences not addressed on this agenda & respond if required

Information from Lucy’s lawns offering grass cutting/maintenance in the parish was received and an e mail regarding parking at The Meadows, which is currently an ongoing issue.

17/2/24 To set the date and time of the next meeting in March

The next meeting was set for Wednesday 13th March 2024. 

18/2/24 To resolve to go into closed session to discuss recent unofficial OLPC press statements

The Council resolved to stay in open session to discuss the unofficial press statement.

Councillors present references standing orders and the Communications Policy. The Clerk briefly explained the status of a parish council and its recognition in law as a corporate body. As such no one Councillor can speak on behalf of the Council unless this has been resolved by the Council at a meeting. It was considered that Councillor Ashton did not act within the current policies as he did not have approval from Old Leake Parish Council to make a press statement.
Wednesday 13th March 2024
7.00 pm
Old Leake Community Centre