February 2020 Minutes

Old Leake Parish Council Meeting

12 February 2020



In Attendance:

Councillor David Norton, Councillor Frank Pickett, Councillor John Baxter, Councillor Guy Bull, Councillor Ian Money and Councillor Julian Crouch.

Lincolnshire County Councillor Paul Skinner was also present.


Public Forum

A member of the public requested the grit bin be relocated to the opposite side of School Lane.


1/2/20 Opening of the meeting by the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed all Councillors and public to the meeting.


2/2/20 Apologies for absence and reasons given

Apologies were received and acknowledged from Councillor McCulloch due to work commitments.

a)     The Chairman informed the Council that Councillor Anne Hawthorn had resigned from the Council.


3/2/20 Declarations of interest in accordance with 2011 Localism Act

No declarations were made.


4/2/20 To note the report from the Police Liaison Officer

PCSO Kym Rayment provided the following information via e mail:

Please find enclosed a list of recorded incidents to date.

1x concern for safety - Mayflower Gardens.

3x transport hazards -Seadyke Road & 2 Lade Bank.

1x traffic offence- Chapel Road.

1x incident of Anti-social Behaviour - Furlongs Lane.

1x theft- Sandgate Crescent.

2x domestic incidents -Lychgate View & Common Lane.

1x incident of violence -Church Road.

1x incident of hare coursing -Skipmarsh Lane.


5/2/20 To note reports from representatives of outside bodies

Councillor Baxter reported back from the Community Centre and informed the Council that older people in the village were being targeted to be scammed.

Stuart Tweedle from the Police Commissioners Office had presented a talk at the community centre on the matter.

Several complaints had been raised with the community centre regarding intimidating youths harassing people leaving events at the community centre.

During the Parish Council meeting 3 ladies entered the room asking for assistance to get to their cars as youths were blocking their way. Councillors did assist and the youths dispersed.




6/2/20 To note CCTV requests

A lady had requested if there were any images available to give to the police as her car was crashed into while she was attending an event at the community centre. Councillors Pickett and McCulloch had viewed the footage but there were no images showing a car causing damage to another.


7/2/20 To accept the playgrounds and Enos Wood monthly check sheets and action any repairs

The reports were received with no action required.


8/2/20 To consider the draft notes of the meeting held on 11th December 2019 and resolve to adopt

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously resolved to accept the notes as the minutes.


9/2/20 To receive a financial summary

The Council considered the figures provided by the Clerk which forecasted current anticipated spending would leave £40,000.00 in reserves.


10/2/20 Resolution to approve the payments of accounts

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously resolved to approve the payment lists for February with the confirmed figure of £780 to replace the footway light as per the option from BBC.


11/2/20 Highways matters: items requiring maintenance or repair

All the issues raised in the village are logged with the highways department. LCC Councillor Paul Skinner stated he was disappointed with the lack of repairs carried out in the village which have been listed in the system.


12/2/20 Planning matters

There were no planning applications to comment on.


13/2/20 To receive an update from the Enos Wood working group, resolve any actions and set expenditure if required

Councillor Crouch informed the Council the roadside boundary had been planted with the whips and the surplus would be planted at the rear boundary. The paths need tree bark chippings and the cost and style of bird boxes are being looked at.

He recommended now is the time to start advertising the area and invite schools to visit.


14/2/20 To consider and resolve the playground equipment for Washdyke Lane

The Council were unsuccessful with the pocket park grant application which led to a downsizing of the project. The £15,000 builder contribution was confirmed, and the Council contributed £20,000 to the overall development.

Items were removed from the play equipment to fit in with the budget. The whole area will take up to 2 years to be completed with the wildflower meadow taking the longest amount of time to get established.

It was proposed and seconded to proceed with the revised play equipment for the park. The motion was carried through by a majority of 5 in favour and 1 abstention.


15/2/20 To consider further actions at Washdyke Lane as presented by the working group and resolve any further expenditure if required

The car park matting was discussed and would be installed once the play equipment was completed. It is anticipated some of the topsoil excavated could be used to level out any dips in the car park area.


16/2/20 To receive an update regarding the village Rural Isolation key worker as presented by the working group and request a replacement Councillor on the interview panel

The Clerk informed the Council 18 application packs had been requested but not all had been returned as the deadline for applicants was over two weeks away.

Councillor McCulloch said he would be the third member of the interview panel if required as he would be at Cusina Sano anyway. This was accepted.

The interviews will take place on Monday 9th March.


17/2/20 To consider and confirm plans for the May event

Three prices for toilets were provided by the Clerk. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously resolved to instruct SRP to supply two toilets for the event on 16th May.

Prices were due in from Wells regarding Marquees but had not arrived in time for the meeting. The Chairman said he may be able to assist but would need to acquire a vehicle for delivery. Music is to be sought for the family picnic style party in the park Annual Parish Meeting.


18/2/20 To note general correspondences

A thank you letter from St Mary’s Church regarding the donation was received along with a letter from the Police & Crime Commissioner asking for independent custody visitors.


19/2/20 Agenda items for the March meeting

Rural Isolation Worker, May Event.