March 2019 Minutes

Old Leake Council Meeting

13th March 2019

In Attendance: Councillor David Norton, Councillor Frank Pickett, Councillor Tom Ashton, Councillor John Baxter, Councillor Ian Money and Councillor Anne Hawthorn.

Open Forum 7.00pm

One member of the public was present. The resident was interested in becoming a co-opted Parish Councillor. He gave a brief description about himself and his previous experience with Essex County Council.

1/2/19 Opening of the meeting by the Chairman

The Chairman Councillor David Norton welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year.

2/2/10 Apologies for absence and reason given

Councillors Bull and McCulloch sent their apologies..

3/2/19 Declarations of Interests in accordance with 2000 Local Government Act

No declarations were made.

4/2/19 To note reports from the Police Liaison Officer

The report from the police was not available for this meeting. The Clerk will distribute via e-mail to Councillors upon receipt of the report. The Chairman is to enquire with the police inspector why reports are not being sent through when requested.

5/2/19 To note reports from representatives of outside bodies

Councillors Baxter and Hawthorn reported back regarding the Rural Isolation Survey. They engaged in community consultation with the questionnaire and attended 3 sessions in the local co-op and had the opportunity to speak face to face with interested parties. There were approximately 150 replies; Boston Borough Council will collate the information.

Council Money gave an update on the Speedwatch Project. 8 people have been trained and a meeting is planned with the Road Safety Partnership to highlight the best locations to use throughout the village.

Councillor Ashton commented on the May Event from last year and stated Boston Borough Council commended the Parish Council for their efforts and are encouraging Parish Councils to reach the level of Quality Council in the future.

Councillor Baxter reported back from the Community Centre Committee meeting and informed the Council of the Inspire Abba Event, health walks and their current project of upgrading the heating system.

6/2/19 To note CCTV requests.

No new CCTV requests were made.

7/2/19 To accept playground inspection reports, Enos Wood and action any repairs

No new repair works were noted for the play areas.

The identified tree works required at Enos Wood would cost £720.00. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously resolved to clear the dangerous trees and bushes. Once the area has been cleared the rear area can be measured up for fencing.

8/2/19 Draft Notes from the meeting held on 12 December 2018

The notes were proposed by Councillor Baxter and seconded by Councillor Hawthorn. All agreed. The notes were accepted and adopted as the minutes. Resolved.

9/2/19 To consider a request from St Mary’s Church for churchyard upkeep and resolve any action

It was proposed and seconded to contribute £650 towards the upkeep of the church yard. All agreed. Resolved.

10/2/19 Accounts

The list of accounts were proposed and seconded. All agreed. Resolved.

Payee Total
Staff costs & expenses February 532.39
M. Shaw February 118.56
K & P Services February 30.00
St Mary’s Grounds Maintenance Donation 650.00
TOTAL 1330.95

11/2/19 Highways Matters – Report items requiring maintenance/repair

It was proposed and seconded to ask LCC Paul Skinner to arrange a ward Walk with the area highways officer and Councillor Pickett to go through issues that are being stated by Fix My Street as being completed or no further required yet the issues have not been addressed.

Issued regarding the drop off and pick up times around the Giles Academy and the Primary School were raised again. Councillor Money will liaise with the Road Safety Partnership for advice.

12/2/19 Planning Matters

No planning applications were received for this meeting.

13/2/19 To consider the repair costs for lighting at Sandy Gate and resolve action

The Council considered the report from Boston Borough Council regarding this footway light.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay £350 for the repair of the light.

14/2/19 To consider further vandalism to the bus shelter and resolve any action and expenditure.

The Council debated at length various options regarding the future of the bus shelter. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agree to keep the bus shelter at the current location and ask Boston Borough Council for help with financing the repairs and the possibility of CCTV covering the bus shelter.

15/2/19 To note the Pension Regulator notification of charges to contributions from April 2019 and resolve action.

This Council noted the increment imposed by the Pension Regulator and would update their records accordingly and comply.

16/2/19 To note the new pay scales from NALC effective from the 1st of April 2019 and resolve action

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to continue to adhere to the pay scales set out by NALC.

17/2/19 To consider and resolve development plans for Enos Wood with the Giles Academy

Councillor Baxter has been in talks with the Giles Academy regarding a possible future seating project that could be introduced to Enos Wood. The Parish Council was intrigued by the idea and would like to see this develop further.

Councillor Baxter also mentioned the mini police having a project in the wood and Leverton are also reported to be doing some exciting activities in their wood.

Councillors Baxter, Pickett and Hawthorn were nominated members of the Enos Wood Working Group to report findings and ideas back to the full council to resolve and fund suitable projects.

18/2/19 To establish a way forward with Washdyke Lane and resolve action

It was proposed; seconded and unanimously agreed to engage a professional company to conduct the much needed community consultation regarding the area.

Councillor Norton and McCulloch were nominated members of the Washdyke Lane Working Group.

19/2/19 To consider and resolve content of articles for the Old Leake News April to August

Councillors have been sharing the responsibility of providing articles for the Old Leake News, February Councillor Norton provided an article and March included an insight in to being a Parish Councillor by Councillor Hawthorn.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to continuing this format, April is to focus on the Annual Parish Meeting and May is to focus on findings from the Rural Isolation Programme. June, July and August’s contents will be decided by the Council after the election.

20/2/19 To consider internet banking options and resolve action

The Clerk explained the internet banking features with Nat West, they currently do not have a two authorised signature system in place for internet banking, however the Co-operative bank do. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to set up internet banking with Nat West. Resolved. The Clerk is to forward the paperwork.

21/2/19/ To consider and adopt an Equality Policy

The Clerk produced an Equality Policy drafted using the LALC template. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to adopt the policy.

22/2/19 To resolve the format for the May Event, Annual Parish Meeting 2019 including awards criteria, swimming club requirements and a Publicity Working Group

As last year’s event was so successful it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to follow the same format. Councillors Norton, McCulloch and Hawthorn along with the Clerk were nominated to the May Event Working Group to draft reports and publicity for resolution at full council including expenditure.

23/2/19 To note a report from the Rural Isolation group and resolve any action

This information was reported at agenda item 5/2/19.

24/2/19 To note general correspondences

The issue of Clerk & Council Direct was noted along with Nat West banking leaflet and notification from Boston Borough Council’s planning department that the Blue Bungalow application was refused at their Planning Committee Meeting.

25/2/19 Agenda items for the March meeting

  • APM May Event update
  • Scribe accounting package
  • Lapttop
  • Bus Shelter
  • Police Update
  • Washdyke update
  • Road Safety
  • Rural Isolation

26/2/19 To consider applicants for co-option as a Parish Council

There were two strong candidates who applied for the vacancy. Due to the closeness of the Parish Council elections on 2 May it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed not to co-opt at this point and let the election process decide.


Wednesday 13 March 2019 at 7.00 pm at the Community Centre